I want to see you succeed.

It might be a little selfish, but when you succeed, I feel great.

Jagged Daisy Photography

About Jagged Daisy

In case you were wondering:

  • Jagged Daisy was created in 2004 by Suki Lock
  • Suki (that's me!) studied Advertising Art (main subjects was design and copywriting)
  • I have experience in brand consultation, graphic design, photography and writing
  • In 2013 created a studio at my home where I consult, design and take pictures...
  • develop websites, write, draw and do happydances...
  • When needed I call on the expert advice of the awesome service providers I work with
  • For this reason I can also support you in print work, web hosting, product branding etc.
  • I have a hubbie, 2 kids, some cats and an incredible love for Lindt chocolate and lattes
  • Yes, I did develop this website, designed everything you see and took all the photos ;)
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