Words by Suki

Copywriting and article writing for websites, newspapers and other online and printed publications.

From the pen (or keyboard) of Suki Lock, creative writer at Jagged Daisy.

Area of Writing

Articles and blog posts are mostly centred (or centered if you prefer US English) around my knowledge base and interests, and they usually have a heavy sprinkling of armchair psychology and philosophy.

My four main areas of writing in this category include:

Artificial Intelligence
Kids & Parenting
Weight loss & Self image
Mental Health & Depression

Other fields I often write about include art, music, photography, wellbeing and technology.

Copywriting differs depending on what the company I am working with requires. General information is supplied to me and I use this to write content suited to the application, whether it is for a website, an advertisement, company profile or other use. The words are tailored to the target market of the client, in order to relay the company’s message.

About Jagged Daisy

Jagged Daisy is the business side of me.

I studied advertising art with copywriting and graphic design as my main focus. Soon after I also added photography to my skill set. After working as head graphic designer for an international direct selling company, I started my own business in 2004, and Jagged Daisy was born.

A pixelated little flower finding its way in our crazy world.

For 14 years I have used my artistic abilities to create designs, writing and images for many different companies. Now I have shifted by focus to mainly writing, which I do for businesses, as well as online and printed publications.

Changing my world - one word at a time.
~ Suki Lock

Work with Me

I work with clients from all over the world, however most are located in South Africa, England and the USA.

If you require writing services, send me an email: suki@jaggeddaisy.co.za

For the most accurate response, please include the type of project, subject/topic, approx length (or word count if available), time frame and any other information that could give me insight into the project.

I write in English and Afrikaans.

If you are paying from the UK (GBP), South Africa (ZAR), Europe (EUR) or Australia (AUD), I can provide you with local banking details for a direct bank transfer. From other countries payments must be made using PayPal. New projects require 50% upfront payment, with the balance due on completion.